How do you
take your copy?

How do you take your copy?

Our human approach and relationship-driven strategies mean that your business is presented authentically, without the cheese and sleaze of standard sales copy.

Shot of Copy is...

A boutique agency specialising in business growth strategies, copywriting, and direct response marketing.

Working with Shot of Copy is like ordering the perfect cuppa at your favourite cafe. The staff know you by your first name, and the barista creates your brew just the way you like it.

And that’s how it should be! So you will have consistent quality leads, a predictable income, and a growing business… and above all, peace of mind.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Meet the Team

Shot of Copy comprises a small, specialty team of carefully selected human beans. Each of us brings a different flavour of expertise, working closely together to create a big impact for people who are seeking to change their life… and change the world.

Nikhil Rughani - Copy Connoisseur
Aka Director

Nikhil has been a copywriter for over twenty years, improving the trajectory of businesses large and small.

He holds a Bachelor of Political Science and Philosophy, and has vast experience working within politics, journalism, recruitment and digital marketing.

Nikhil is a Master NLP Practitioner, a massive Star Wars fan, and he’s is driven by a need to support others as they make a positive contribution to the world. Nikhil’s favourite coffee is vanilla latte – but his writing is far from vanilla.

Adriana Macias Lara - Chief Percolator
Aka Project Manager

Adriana is a qualified engineer, aromatherapist, reiki therapist, and holds an MBA. She’s passionate about supporting small business – so much so that her entire wardrobe is hand made by local artisans.

Adriana’s engineering background means she is a exceptional time keeper, ensuring our copy doesn’t brew too long or leave our clients cold. Adriana is also the coordinator for our extended team, including designers, web developers, and other contractors.

She is involved in permaculture, sustainable living movements, and environmentalism, alongside other health and lifestyle modalities.

Adriana’s favourite beverage is Coca Cola – it keeps her energised so she can keep us on our toes.

Mem Davis - Word Barista
Aka Head Copywriter

Mem’s first love has always been the English language, but she began her career as a naturopath instead.

She has been a copywriter for over five years, incorporating her insights and experience as a health practitioner into the very personal world of direct response copywriting.

Mem is a musician, doula, and vegan foodie. She is also the adoptive mother of Rami, the “copy” cat who enjoys Zoom meetings and sitting on the keyboard.

Mem is more of a tea person, mostly for the taste but also because of her proficiency at dotting I’s and crossing T’s.